Set a Billing Contact for a Company


The ability to designate someone other than the primary contact as the billing contact. The Billing Contact would receive all the notifications from the Billing toolkit, and be able to use the Profile Switcher to represent the Company in order to interact with Billing related items.


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Matthew Skelton

This is a basic feature of B2B software. Disappointed not to see this in SuiteDash, tbh.


Ding Bot

great addition. Also would be great to be able to alert the main contact. More as security transparency awareness approach


Leif Lundin

Hi Mike,

Can only speak for myself but can imagine that it would be useful for many SD customers.

Instead of having several Primary Contacts, if it were possible to choose any contact that belongs to the company, as, for example, the recipient of notifications regarding a specific Task or Project.

You would get 100% flexibility in who you can choose as recipient etc.

Furthermore, it would be good to be able to choose an alternative e-mail address to which the invoice should be sent. That email address is not linked to any contact at the company but belongs to the company.

What do you think of these ideas?

Br Leif



Status changed to: Planned